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If you are ready to Adopt, we can help.

Experienced Utah Adoption Attorneys

Many moving parts need to come together in order for an adoption to be successful. Adoptions can involve termination of parental rights, obtaining the required consents, home studies, DCFS reports, criminal background checks, and more. When all the pieces merge in the correct way, an adoption trial can feel more like a celebration than a court hearing. 

SeegLawUtah's adoption attorneys provide adoption legal services throughout the State of Utah, including Salt Lake County, Utah County, Provo, and the surrounding areas. Call us now for a free consultation.


Marriage Dissolution

Dissolving the marriage is the primary purpose of getting a divorce.


Child Custody

If the parties have children, the court will have to enter orders regarding child custody. Joint custody is most common, but courts will award one party sole custody in many circumstances.


Property Division

If there is marital property, which is property acquired during the marriage, the court will need to divide it.


Alimony/Spousal Support

If a marriage is longer-term, and there is a disparity of income, alimony will probably be a consideration.


Child Support

There are strict requirements about the child support meeting the Utah guidelines, but there are some circumstances where the court will deviate from the guidelines.

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